The company Tax Research&Planning  provides maintenance of accounting and tax records services or so called “monthly accounting maintenance” on the basis of subscription or as a one-off payment. Accounting maintenance of enterprises includes verification of the reflection of documents submitted to us in accounting, execution of documents, verification of accumulated tax accounting data for tax purposes in 1C and reflection of tax results in the prepared reports, coordination of tax results for the reporting period with the authorized person of the Customer, submission of tax reporting. The range of services includes preparation of the financial statements (balance sheet, financial results report, etc., which are defined as a part of the financial statements).


The cost of services depends on the system of taxation of a legal entity or individual entrepreneur.





without transactions* to 50 transactions* to 100 transactions*

Legal entity

(a single tax without VAT at a rate of 5%)

1000 UAH 1500 UAH 2000 UAH

Legal entity

(a single tax with VAT at a rate of 3%)

1500 UAH 2000 UAH 3000 UAH

Legal entity

(general system of taxation)

1500 UAH 2500 UAH negotiable

Individual enterprenuer

(a single tax without VAT)

300 UAH

Individual enterprenuer

(a single tax with VAT)

500 UAH 1500 UAH 2500 UAH

Individual enterprenuer

(general system of taxation)

500 UAH 1500 UAH



* Accounting for payroll calculations is additionally charged from 100 UAH. for one employee.


Cost for services includes professional tax consultation on the matters of processing and recognition of business transactions in accounting.


Tax Research&Planning also provides complex accounting support for a group of enterprises, entrepreneurs with the development of schemes for tax planning, accounting restoration services, tax optimization, the introduction of "non-resident" instruments, support during tax audits.