Some Ukrainians want to buy a car with foreign registration abroad without paying anything to the state budget. There are several schemes for such acquisition, and all of them are well-known to law enforcement agencies. Yes, "specialists" are invited to bring the car in transit mode, then violate the term of stay and pay a penalty one time. Another, supposedly reliable option - the car is imported by a non-resident and is transferred to a citizen of Ukraine.

There is an erroneous opinion that such actions cannot be brought to justice, but this does not correspond to reality. Legislation of Ukraine unambiguously states: when purchasing a vehicle, the payment of taxes and duties is mandatory.

Thus, during the first eight months of 2016, 220 cases were instituted against citizens who violated transit terms. 170 cases have already been considered, citizens are obliged to pay fines in the amount of 1 million UAH. In 2015, there were only 78 such cases initiated.

Those wishing to take advantage of the "gray" schemes, the SFS reminds: any actions with cars with foreign registration violating the current legislation, indicates that the citizen does not want to pay taxes. For such an offense Art. 485 of the Customs Code of Ukraine provides for the collection of 300% of the amount of unpaid taxes.

Suppose you bought a 10-year-old car with a 1.6-liter engine capacity. At the customs for such a car you have to pay from 150 thousand to 200 thousand UAH (the amount of the fee depends on the condition of the car, mileage and other factors). If the customs officers disclose your intention to use the "gray" import, you will pay from 450 thousand to 600 thousand UAH fine. Think for yourself, but do you need such "savings?". If a citizen refuses to pay a fine, then the funds may be recovered by confiscating and selling property belonging to the citizen and his family.

To date, the Department for Combating Customs Offenses of Zhytomyr Customs SFS, together with the employees of the Battalion of the Patrol Police in Zhytomyr, began to verify the legality of using vehicles with foreign registration. Almost 1,500 vehicles in Ukraine are subject to inspection, in violation of the current legislation.

Fresh example: one resident of Zhytomyr, on the advice of "experienced" friends, bought a car with Lithuanian registration. The foreigner took the car to the customs territory of Ukraine and handed it over to the use of the Zhytomyr for reward. But the scheme was revealed - and now the citizen must pay a fine of 460 thousand UAH.

Also, SFS also warns against the use of another scheme: when it is recommended to provide any information to the customs officers (for a hospital, a certificate of repair of a car, its abduction, a certificate of loss of license plates) in order to extend the period of temporary stay of a car in Ukraine. Each such certificate is carefully checked.

Again, an example from Zhytomyr region. A citizen took a "lime" hospital to avoid being held responsible for the untimely removal of a transit vehicle. As a result of the check it turned out that the citizen was not on treatment.

Citizens who themselves make false statements, commit acts the responsibility of which is provided for in the Criminal Code of Ukraine (fraud, falsification of documents, abuse of official status).

The moral of this article is this: before trying to deceive the state, one should think well, because the price of such a deception can be very high.