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Tax Research & Planning goes above and beyond in addressing a client’s immediate needs. Our pursuit is to build and maintain best reputation possible, by providing quality legal services to our clients and protecting their interests by all available legal means.

​Our team has a wide range of backgrounds. Diversity of backgrounds and experience delivers a broader perspective. Core fields of our practice are:



civil LAW

commercial LAW

aviation LAW

family LAW

Incorporation of foreign companies & banking

Every situation is unique and requires a unique solution. We will provide free consultation regarding handling of your case.

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​We offer a wide range of client services, such as:

  • Tax registration;
  • Enterprise accounting;
  • Management consulting;
  • Record-keeping for tax purposes in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine;
  • Preparation of statistical, financial and tax reporting;
  • Reconstruction of financial accounts;
  • Payroll management services, admission to a job; preparation of civil law contracts, notification of the supervisory authority on hiring of a new employee;
  • VAT accounting, registration of tax invoices;
  • Management of cash desk work, staff training and control over keeping of the payment transactions' register;
  • Tax planning and tax optimization, analysis and minimization of tax risks.


Customs clearance is a complex of operations performed by all participants in a foreign economic transaction in order to move cargo, goods or vehicles across the customs border. Absolutely all goods crossing the border are subject to the declaration procedure.

Our key ares of expertise:

  • Goods customs classification based on international standards;
  • EU/Ukraine duty preferences application in the most convenient way for Customer;
  • Customs value defense – we successfully defend contract prices provided that Customer has respective necessary documents;
  • Drawing up customs declarations;
  • Obtaining permits from government bodies;
  • Extensive experience in the commercial temporary import, temporary export;
  • Customs clearance of cars and motocycles from the EU, USA or Georgia: preparation of all necessary documents and selection of the most profitable options fot the Client.

​Price of customs clearance per declaration with all customs formalities is fixed in the contract and does not foresee any unexpected additional costs.